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Bamdad Company Creates active attendance of brands like Schrack and Leuze Electronic in Iran in form of sales representative and after sales services. Transferring technology based on industrial electrical equipment, automation and instrumentation in order to manufacture best quality products applied in different industries like textile, home appliances, tire and automotive parts, printing, packaging, petrochemical, metals and ceramic tiles.

Leuze is pioneer in industrial automation all over the world. With bright history and years background, Leuze's products are served by variety of industries like wood, pharmacy, clothing, packaging, warehousing, transportation & ..... Leuze is approved by supreme companies like Bosch & folex. German industry is prepared to present high quality products in Iran.

Schrack is the premier brand producing types of industrial electrical equipments and Endorsed by electric industry giants and leaders like Simens and Tyco. Thousand products of Schrack company with highest quality is served by variety of industries like petroleum, petrochemical, steel, metals, woods, rubber, automotive, casting, parts, machinery, printing, packaging, cement industry & pharmacy.


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Bamdad Co.

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